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  1. Corporate-Entrepreneur
  2. Cultural
  3. Community & Environment
  4. Philanthropy & Humanitarian

Brief description of business/work role:

Please answer the following:

  • Q1. How long have you been in Cyprus?
  • Q2. When did you start your business/current work position? Did you receive financial assistance or self-funded? Were you the creator/founder of the concept?
  • Q3. What made you decide/inspired you to start your own business/apply for your current position/develop your initiative?
  • Q4. What did you find most challenging about starting your own business/working in your current position? Do you have a Mentor you aspire to? What are your views on team ethos?
  • Q5. What do you find is the most enjoyable part of running your own business/working in your current position?
  • Q6. What do you consider are your strengths?
  • Q7. What do you consider are your weaknesses?
  • Q8. What qualifications/training do you have? Do you adopt a Social/Community Policy?
  • Q9.  What are your core business values?
  • Q10. What are your future goals and targets?
  • Q11. If you had to give a piece of advice to other women about to launch a business/develop an initiative what would it be?
  • Q12. What has your contribution to the female society been and to society in general?
  • Q13. What differentiates you from any other female candidate in your award category to class you as a worthy candidate?


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