To nominate your candidate, please complete the KIVOTOS GOLDEN LADY OF THE YEAR AWARDS FORM

  • The form must include the following (please prepare all this information in advance, as the form will not allow you to save your progress): 
    1. The candidate’s name and contact information.
    2. The award category for which they are nominated.
    3. The names of two nominators who testify to the candidate’s credibility, both of whom must be persons of good standing in society and of a clean criminal record. Moreover, valid nominators should be highly educated professionals who themselves contribute to the economy or society of Cyprus either directly or via the organizations they represent. Nominators should disclose and reveal potential or perceived conflict of interest they may have either with any of the candidates or with any stakeholder to the awards event.  
    4. A description of who the candidate is.
    5. Brief text from the nominators stating the reasoning behind the support of the nomination and why this candidate is worthy of being awarded by KGLYA.
    6. A list of the accomplishments of the candidate.
  • The form must be submitted and supported by both nominators.
  • Self-Nominations are also accepted together with two references.
  • Nominations are also accepted by email found at the ‘CONTACT‘ page.
  • The award remains the property of KGLYA and can be withdrawn from the winner at any point of time in the future by KGLYA should any of the prerequisites for originally granting this award, are not valid anymore.

 The deadline for nominations to be received is _____________

The final selection is made by the Awards Committee and the awards are handed out at the award banquet held during the KGLYA annual gala dinner. 

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