Selection of candidates and Interview procedure:

  • All nominated candidates shall be screened by the Judging Panel who shall ensure that:
    1. The nomination has been submitted according to the Nomination Procedure.
    2. The candidates fulfil the criteria for entering the award category for which they have been nominated.
    3. The candidates did not participate in the past as an “interviewed nominee” in the award category that they are currently nominated. (Any candidate that has not been interviewed in a past award procedure may be re-nominated and participate in any current or future award procedure).
  • All candidates that fulfil the above criteria shall be further screened by the Judging Panel for their standard, achievements and accomplishments.
  • The Judging Panel shall select six candidates of the highest standing for every category who are to proceed to the final stage of the competition.
  • The six selected candidates for every category shall be interviewed by the Judging Panel who shall endeavour to interview all six candidates on the same day.
  • Any member of the Judging Panel who has a conflict of interest must declare this immediately to the other members of the Panel and must exclude themselves from interviewing the candidate with whom they have conflict.
  • The candidates shall be informed at least on week in advance of their interview date and time.
  • The interviews shall take place in a predetermined venue in Nicosia by the Judging Panel. No interviews by individual members of the Judging Panel shall be valid.
  • Candidates who cannot attend an interview for good reason must promptly inform the Judging Panel. If the Judging Panel decides that the Candidate’s reason for not attending the interview is acceptable, then it can make an exception for the said candidate and reschedule the interview for another date that the Judging Panel shall hold a meeting to interview other candidates in the predetermined venue in Nicosia.
  • Interviews shall be conducted in person and candidates are expected to attend personally. No tele-interviews shall be made as the Judging Panel shall, amongst others, grade the candidates for their presentation, demeanour and body language.
  • The interview shall have a duration of 30 minutes and shall consist of:
    1. Introductions.
    2. Information gathering about the candidate’s achievements.
    3. Standard questions and answers for each category as posted in the website.
    4. Further questions by the Judging Panel.
    5. Wrapping up.
  • The Judging Panel shall take notes for each interview for future reference.
  • Each member of the Judging Panel shall grade each candidate’s performance in the interview according to predetermined scoring criteria.
  • After conducting all the interviews the Judging Panel shall hold a meeting to choose the award winning candidate and a runner-up for each category.
  • Out of the four winning candidates for each category a candidate shall be chosen to be the “Golden Lady” of the year.
  • To choose the award winning candidate for each category, the Judging Panel shall compare notes and grades for each candidate, which they may average so that they try to reach a consensus. Candidates with equal grades shall share the award equally.
  • The decisions of the Judging Panel shall be reached by simple majority.
  • Award winners shall only be announced in the ceremony and a winning candidate may accept an award in person or by proxy.