Members of the Judging Committee are selected by the Awards Committee of KGLYA and any official supporter of the event. Such members should be representatives of prime well-respected institutions/organisations of undisputed reputation and with a record characterised by a high degree of integrity and ethos. 

In the event that any nominee for an Award is an employee of the same institution as a member of the Judging Committee, or a relative, or has any other real, perceived or potential conflict of interest, the affected member of the Judging Committee will not be able to take part in the judging process for that Award and an alternative judge shall be appointed through the relevant selection process as described above.

Members of the Judging Committee cannot be sponsors or supporters of the awards.

Judges must declare any real, potential or perceived conflict of interest with any of the nominees as well as with any of the sponsors, or a member of the event organisers/supporters.

One member of the Judging Committee should be appointed by all other members of the Committee as Chairman, having the overall coordination responsibility.


Nikolay Khovrin

Nikolay Khovrin

Nikolay Khovrin is a founding and managing partner of Khovrin International Law Office in Switzerland with over 25 years of professional experience in the field of law handling various high-profile international cases worldwide. Mr. Khovrin graduated with honors as international lawyer from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) in 1993. He is an author of several books, including “International Yacht Law”, “Minority Shareholders in Cyprus Private Company”. Mr. Khovrin is an invited speaker to the international conferences including Decentralized Athens 2018, organized by the University of Nicosia, where he was covering the subject of cryptocurrency regulations. Mr. Khovrin is a happy father of two children and spends his free time with them and his charming wife Yulia.

Margarita Elisova

Margarita Elisova

Margarita Elisova is the Head of the Accounting Department of a group of companies owned by one of the biggest multinational companies in the beverage corporation sector (Coca-Cola HBC).

Margarita has over fifteen years’ experience in Business Development, Management, Strategic & Financial Planning and Corporate Restructuring predominantly in the FMCG sector with global multinationals and/or their affiliates.

Margarita is from Russia, Saint Petersburg, where she began her career with one of the leading Russian Juice Companies in Saint Petersburg, before joining The Coca-Cola Company in 2005. Since then, her career brought her to Cyprus, where she developed a truly international profile.

Her career is focused on financial services in the audit and public accounting within the manufacturing and production industry. Margarita has an extensive experience in working with key customers and during her work in the system as a member of the united Coca Cola team, she has successfully completed a large number of projects and transactions.

Margarita Elisova holds a Master’s degree in International Economics from the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

She graduated MBA Program at the CIIM (Cyprus International Institute of Management). Margarita served as a judge for the 10th and 11th (National) Cyprus Business Woman of the Year Award.

Margarita is a member of the Cyprus Russian Business Association.

Margarita is an honored member of Notable Woman Foundation. She has a publication in Notable Woman

book (2016). Margarita is a member and Keynote speaker of WED – Women Entrepreneurship Day Association. As a busy career woman, Margarita balances family, business projects and participation in international discussions and forums

Robertos Vrahimis

Robertos Vrahimis

To change my career as a clinical biochemist, I completed a Bachelor of Law degree in 1998 at the University of London, in England. The following year, in 1999, I successfully completed the Cyprus Bar Examination with first class honours and was called to the Cyprus Bar.

Since then I have practiced law in Cyprus which is a common law jurisdiction. The legal practice in Cyprus is not divided into Solicitors and Barristers as in the U.K. but a joint practice instead. Therefore I have experience in both “in house” law (interviewing clients, drafting pleadings, giving opinions, drafting contracts and trusts, setting up companies, fiduciary and trust services etc and office management and administration), but also in Civil, Administrative, Family, Employment, and Criminal litigation in which I have a lot of experience.

Initially I have worked for seven years as Counsel for the Republic of Cyprus at the Chambers of the Attorney General. Following that I resigned to establish my own chambers in September 2006 as one of the Head Partners and since then I have practiced law in the private sector.

Stavroula Vrasida

Stavroula Vrasida

Stavroula Vrasida is the Head of the Advanced Tax Rulings Unit (Direct Taxation), at the Tax Department, Ministry of Finance. She is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ACA), a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (FCCA) and holds the Advanced Diploma in International Tax (ADIT – Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT). She is an Appointed Member of the ACCA Advisory Committee in Cyprus, an Appointed Member of the International Business Structuring Association (IBSA) Cyprus Branch Committee, and was an Appointed Member of the Regulatory Committee of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC) between 1/1/2014 – 1/1/2016.

Dr. Simona Mihai Yiannaki

Dr. Simona Mihai Yiannaki

Dr. Simona Mihai Yiannaki Deputy Dean of the School of Business Administration European University Cyprus. Dr. Simona Mihai Yiannaki, has initiated the EUC-PEAK Innovation Center, being the Director. She is a Deputy Dean of the School of Business Administration and Associate Professor in Finance at European University Cyprus since 2017. In addition, Dr. Mihai has also been active in Erasmus+ Life learning projects, coordinating and administrating projects such as: ‘Cross Cultural Management CCMIP’, Grundtvig project ‘Feeling Younger by Getting older’, the CCMIP, ‘European Recovery Leadership- Striving Forward’-ErasmusIP, SHADOWS, GETUP, SCIENT and ICTEntrepreneur all from Erasmus+ KA2 projects.

Dr. Mihai was a Fulbright finalist and has been an evaluator of World Bank HEIR projects, for Israel Ministry of Science, Technology and Space of Israel and the Executive Government Agency of National Science Centre Poland. Dr. Mihai has been active in upgrading and innovating teaching at university level through innovative approaches to teaching, being part of the Cyprus Research Foundation project ‘Teaching for Creativity in Cypriot Universities: Towards innovative pedagogical practices in Promoting Students’ Employability’. Her inspiration lies in her networking skills and she has been awarded a distinction in entrepreneurship during her MBA in Oxford Brookes University in 2005. Her academic research areas are Banking and Financial Services Innovation, Corporate Governance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Risk Management applications for banks and SMEs, Creativity and Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Distance Learning in higher education. She was involved as guest speaker and trainer in conferences in Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Lithuania, Norway, U.K. and Romania on topics about banking, finance, entrepreneurship, risk management, public finance, creativity and change

Ms. Elena Tanou

Ms. Elena Tanou

A prominent and highly respected business professional, Ms. Tanou has built and expanded a publicly listed international travel and tourism business Top Kinisis Travel Public Ltd over the past thirty years. Ms Tanou was educated at the University of Nancy, France and is an active proponent of private sector development in the Cyprus economy.

Ms. Tanou is the Vice President of the Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President of the Nicosia Tourism Board, Vice President of the Cyprus Integrity Forum. She is on the Board of the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA). She is Vice President of the International Chambers of Commerce in Cyprus and is a highly respected activist on matters of commercial transparency and entrepreneurship. Ms. Tanou is former President of the Cyprus Federation of Business and Professional Women, the Cyprus European Ambassador of Women Entrepreneurs and a recipient of the prestigious Madam Figaro Business Woman of the Year Award in 2012. She serves on the Board of the Business Advisory Council of the University of Cyprus, the University of Nicosia and the European University. She is a founding member of the Rotary Club Nicosia Aspelia since 1995 and held the position of Deputy District Governor for the 2452 region 2017/18. She is also on the Board of Directors of World Vision.

Yiannis Michael

Yiannis Michael

Yiannis Michael is a prominent counseling psychologist based in Nicosia, Cyprus. He graduated with honors in Bachelors of Arts and Science in Psychology and also acquired a Masters in Arts and Science in Counseling Psychology from Florida International University, USA. During his Master’s degree in Florida, he worked with Youth Developmental Programs in an effort to empower and inspire young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds in Miami. In addition, he assisted young adults to confront their perceived challenges, become clear with their objectives, and learn how to structure their mindset to accomplish their life targets.

As a successful professional in his field, Yiannis Michael continued his studies and got certified in Bioresonance Therapy. BICOM Bioresonance Therapy has been used in its country of invention, Germany, since 1977 and today is used and recognized worldwide by doctors and health practitioners. Yiannis Michael worked for eight years in Social Welfare Office in Cyprus government from 2009 to 2016. In 2017 he founded “Biolifestyle”, a Wellbeing Center with a purpose to guide clients to rejuvenate their lives and achieve their goals. Yiannis Michael, as a transformational, visionary and educational speaker, has recently created an innovative movement named “Re-paint your Life”, with an aspiration to bring together people who possess a passion for self-evolution.

Non-Disclosure Agreement for Judges

Please read this. You will be required to sign this before participating in the judging panels. If you feel unable to meet the terms of this agreement please advise the KGLYA immediately by emailing


Kivotos Golden Lady Awards


I accept my appointment as a judge in the Kivotos Golden Lady Awards (“the Awards”).

I agree and undertake as a condition of my appointment as follows:

  1. All information contained in the entries to the Awards and any other information provided by entrants, shall be treated by me as privileged and confidential.
  2. I will not communicate or disseminate any such information nor shall I communicate or disseminate any information relating to matters of discussion between judges regarding the entries, relating to the judges’ decisions thereon, or any other information or discussion obtained by me as part of my participation in the Awards to any third party.
  3. The only person entitled to make any comment or announcement or divulge any information regarding the judges’ decision in relation to the Awards shall be the Convener of Judges whose statements will be limited to naming the successful entrants to the Awards and the reasons for their success.
  4. I will disqualify myself from judging any entry in which I have any conflict of interest and will disclose the conflict to the Judging Committee and KGLYA. Moreover, I declare no conflict of interest with any member of the KGLYA Committee as well as with any of the official supporters.

Without limiting the generality of the above, I further agree:

  • Not to pass on to any third party any materials, notes or other information about the entries, finalists, winners or any other aspect of my participation in the Awards.
  • To refrain from communicating or disseminating to any third party the contents of any information I receive (verbally or written) in relation to the winners, entries, finalists or any other aspect of my participation in the Awards.
  • To ensure that any information given to me (e.g. scripts/results) are safe guarded and kept confidential and seen only by me.

I consent to abide by both the spirit and the letter of this statement.

___________________________         ______________________

(Name) (Date)