Kivotos Russian Golden Lady Award 2020

12 Candidates

Anna Baranovskaya

Mom of two boys (2015, 2018), CEO of Russian Gymnasium Cyprus (2017), Master of Science in the area of International Business (2015); Bachelor of Arts in the area of North-American Studies (2012) and currently a leader of Silk Rider charity initiative. Strong passion for self-development is something I would also name as top of the top for me. 

I am an individual with broad international experience: in the last 10 years I have lived in Russia, United States, Finland, Cyprus and France. I am currently residing in Cyprus and balancing my work/personal life. I am quite a typical “scanner” and my interests cover quite a wide range of topics from Destination Management to SMM trends. No need to mention psychology and business management which are my main work spheres for the time being.


Drawing inspiration from the Greek phylosophy, through its ancient legends, poetry and literature to contemporary culture, Anna Privaloff creates art which is saturated with ethnic motifs and eroticism, vivid colors and expressive effects. 

Her artistic practice, which is indebted to symbolist works of Vrubel and Klimt as well as post-impressionist art of van Gogh, Gaugin and Toulouse-Lautrec, is situated on the boundaries of enchanting fairytales where reality meets illusion. 

Having been dealing with Polytheistic cultures and in particular ancient Greek religion, Anna believes that Hellenism was among the best periods of human evolution, where love, creativity, art and worship of nature, science and philosophy could be practised for the good of the soul, mind and body. 

The secret of her success lies in her ability to fall in love with her models and to see their souls rather than wrinkles. She would often make the same person with several faces, three or even five, like you see the face of the loved one in its different expressions. That’s something which makes Anna Privaloff stand out among other modern artists.


A Moscow-born Greek, she spent her life living and studying across Europe. Her degrees in Applied Mathematics and Business Administration are complimented with a Visual Arts and History of Art diplomas from the School of Fine Arts and Design (State of NY) and she is constantly studying new techniques.

Anna has had a long vibrant career in consulting and finance, making a space in her life for philanthropy. Aside from being the vice-president of the non-profit association of artists “Limassol Palette” as well as vice-president of “Association of Mediterranean Artists (AMA)”, Anna has also launched her own charitable project Business Ladies Painting”. She is supported in this endeavor by the Limassol Municipality as well as by his Excellency, the President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Nicos Anastasiades.

Anna’s paintings are vivid, light-filled and invigorated by the warmth of the Island of love. She paints in the rays of the Cyprus sun, her painting travelling the world to find their place in private and state collections.

Olga Kandinskaia

Dr Olga Kandinskaia is Assistant Professor of Finance, MSc Business Management Director and Director of Blended Learning at the CIIM Business School. She has PhD in Economics (1995) from the MGIMO-University, Russia.

Originally from Moscow, Olga moved to Cyprus in 2001, and she joined CIIM first on a part-time basis in 2002, and then on a full-time basis in 2011. She has 25+ years of experience in

teaching undergraduate, postgraduate (MBA and MSc) and executive courses at different universities and colleges in Cyprus, UK and Russia. Olga’s PhD research was in the area of financial derivatives as risk management tools. At that time, she also had practical experience of working as a futures broker at the Moscow Commodity Exchange. Her current expertise is in the areas of Financial Management, Business Planning, Strategic Investment Decisions, Corporate Finance, and Business Valuation.

Olga is a passionate advocate of innovative teaching methods in business education, such as experiential learning, case method, and blended learning. Her teaching style is highly interactive, she emphasizes customized and practically relevant learning where theory is applied to real-life cases. 

Olga is a pioneer at her business school and overall in Cyprus for writing ‘Harvard-style’ teaching cases about innovative business projects. Olga has received three prestigious international awards in case writing.

In total, Olga has published 7 cases in international peer-reviewed scientific journals and has 7 more under review. She has presented cases and papers at 15 international peer-reviewed conferences. She is a member of 4 international academic case research associations and is on the 7 editorial boards as reviewer for academic journals and conferences. For the 2020 Annual Meeting of NACRA, the top global case research academic association, she has been appointed the Chair of the Accounting, Finance and Economics Track.

As Director of the MSc in Business Management at CIIM, Olga has created a unique postgraduate programme in Cyprus which has fully embraced the philosophy of “Learning by doing” and is using a wide variety of experiential learning activities. As Benjamin Franklin famously wrote: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” One such example of experiential learning activity would be the Annual Live Case Project, a project-type module where students work in teams, under Olga’s mentorship, to solve a particular real-life business challenge and by the end to make a presentation to the company.

Suslova Svetlana

Explanation of who the candidate is…
* to increase the prestige of Cyprus in the world cultural space,
* to attract attention to Cyprus in the context of dialogue with participants from different countries,
* to strength and develop cultural relations between Russian-speaking people abroad,
* to enrich the cultural life of Cyprus and to acquaint viewers with new trends in theatre art.

Ludmila Budanov

Ludmila Budanov is Russian citizen living in Cyprus from 2002. Ludmila is musician, artist and writer. She participated in many cultural events in Cyprus, She donated her artworks for several organisations like Pasykaf. Why the candidate should be honoured by KGLYA…: Ludmila Budanov is a professional musician having studied music composition in Tallinn, Estonia, therefore it is important for her to capture the rhythm, tonality and tempo of music with a brush on canvas. Having lived in Cyprus for many years Budanov is also inspired by the sea and the underwater landscapes and often her abstract paintings are inspired by the underwater flowers known as actinian. Her unique and spontaneous oil paintings are always executed in bold or pastel colours that bleed into one another as if they have been submerged in water. However, Budanov has also found that the world, in it’s current predicament, is too harsh and dark and wanted to create artwork that would make anyone content even in the darkest of days. It doesn’t presume anything, it just is.

Budanov has exhibited her work across Europe, from Berlin to Amsterdam and Russia. She has also exhibited her work at the prestigious Art Revolution art fair in Taiwan. Her artwork hangs in private collections in Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Cyprus. With her ever-growing success and recognition, an artwork by Ludmila will surely be an investment worth having. Why you support their nomination…: I met Ludmila in 2010 when she was recommended to me as a good garden designer. The results have completely surpassed all expectations. My garden – is my pride and my prized artwork because it was created by a creative and artistic person – Ludmila Budanov. I got to know her as a talented artist. Her artwork evokes worry, happiness and fills our life up with a ray of light. Soon, her new autobiography will be released. It is written professionally, lightly and interestingly. As the saying goes – a talented soul is talented in everything. Ludmila is an example how after 40, when you reach your ‘golden age’, you can live an adventurous and creative lifestyle opening new horizons for yourself.

Marina Shalyapina

“Mia Shaly”

1) The organizer of the Architectural Festival, Paphos, 2012
2) The author of the course for children: “Culture and art in architecture from the ancient world to the present”, 50 academic lessons, 2012
3) Creation of Decorations for the Sail First Model Show, Paphos, 2013
4) The organizer of the ecological and creative parade “FishMob”, Paphos, 2014
5) The organizer of the exhibition of children’s photos of works, 2014, Paphos
6) Creator of the Stage Decorations for the annual performances of the Russian Children’s Theater “Wizards of the Emerald City”, Paphos, 2014 – 2020
7) The author and organizer of 3 big street art projects in conjunction with Paphos 2017. “Fractal” (Tala amphitheater), “Art-gallery” (Kato Paphos), “City” (Old Town), Paphos, 2015-2017
8) Huge Wall Decoration / street-art “LightHouse” for elementary school N4, Kato Paphos, 2016
9) Eco Cyprus project volunteer (carrying out cleaning flash mob for garbage collection on beaches, city parks, and recreation areas), Paphos, 2017 – 2020
10) The administrator of the Russian social Facebook group “Life and Events of Paphos” (7500 participants), 2018-2020
11) Creator of the Stage Decorations for the annual performances of Paphos Youth Theater, 2019 – 2020
12) Rainbow in Cyprus volunteer and sponsor (rehabilitation of children with disabilities from Russia and Ukraine in Cyprus), Paphos, 2019 – 2020
13) Participation in the art exhibition “Fedora Art Exhibition”, Kiklos Gallery, Paphos, 2019
14) Participation in the art exhibition "Artists of Paphos", En PLO Gallery, Paphos, 2019
15) Personal Art exhibition “Marina & Sacha Exhibition”, Kimonos Art Center, Paphos, 2019
16) Popular Facebook Writer and Blogger about life, culture and creativity in Cyprus, 2012-2020

Olga Padchina

Since 2006 Olga has been working in marketing in different IT and culture projects and was dreaming about her calling. In 2014 she moved to Cyprus and still was looking for a life-work project. The answer came with the light breeze in 2016.

Started her first training only 3,5 years ago she spent about 3000 miles of inshore and offshore sailing on different yachts from 13 up to 65 feet (Laser & 420 Olympic classes, sport boats FarEast28R, cruising sailing boats and maxi yachts) in Mediterranean and Adriatic seas. Shortly she became a well-known person in Russian sailing community in Cyprus.

In 2019 she became an Assistant Coach and trains kids (Optimist, Laser classes) and adults (leisure sailing). 

Organizer and participant of local sailing events. Her aim is to show that sailing is for everyone no matter age or ability. She loves helping people to make the perfect sailing trip, be it the sunset cruise or corporate race. She carefully teaches and helps people to grow up from zero to hero and to feel the power of freedom and endless sea. 

From the first step onboard she supports and empowers women in sailing. In social media, she shows what it’s like to be a girl in yachting. She wants to erase the stereotypes and eliminate the fear some women have that sailing is too expensive and physically demanding. 

Inspired by Cypriot and Russian women in sailing in 2020 she is focusing on creating more opportunities for women to get involved in the world of sailing such as Women Only Regatta (organized by CySaf), TED-style meeting with the first Russian woman participating in the transatlantic solo race Irina Gracheva, support initiative Cyprus Girls Can and many more events onshore and inshore.

She sees more women take the wheel and thrive on our waterways, she wants others to follow in their wake!
She believes that women can empower women.

Svetlana Mardapitta

Academia Gnosis, helps Children identify their strengths by exploring their talents from a young age and growing their skills over the 12 years, instead of letting them all follow the same routine like sheep and leaving them confused in life after graduation “The approach of intellect or noesis will forever be an effete and limited sort of thing by contrast with the vigor and colour of gnosis. in Academia Gnosis there are vigorous minds, and the very idea of ‘Gnosis’ is mastered, communicated and adapted to its full colours.”

The Enterprise
UMKA® (S&O Cultural & Educational Center Ltd) and now ownership of 3S Academia Gnosis Ltd, was established in 2007 in Nicosia. The main objective has been the protection of the Russian inheritance in an integrated society; Cyprus was developing, especially with the mix marriage and the business opportunities offered to Russian and CIS citizens to move and operate from Cyprus. The operational bases of this educational Center is kindergarten “Umka”, which has been initiate as the base of the multilingual education for children from 2 till 7 years.

Svetlana Stylianou

Everything is possible! If you believe it and really want to do it. It’s impossible to build something interesting
without complete devotion and contribution to it. 

Before saying that life is bad and it’s too difficult to achieve something, think about what you personally did to make your dream come true. How many nights did you spend without sleep? How many injuries did you get? How many times didn’t you quit your job, no matter what? Too tired, no time, no talent and other excuses are for weak spirits. 

My cuisine is a reflection of my path, my search, my thoughts, my desires and aspirations. My cuisine finds its expression in the search for experience and it is made up of concepts such as perfection, unpredictability, naturalness, seasonality and inconsistency. My cuisine encourages me to get up every morning thinking about a new day full of miracles and obstacles to overcome, aiming to satisfy the recognition. I was born and raised in a small town of Cimislia in Moldova. After the collapse of Soviet Union Moldova. After the collapse of Soviet Union I moved to Cyprus, where I started to work in a restaurant. However, I came not from the front door, and not even to the kitchen, I came as a washer. I loved the noise of pots and plates.

On 16 April 2002 in the old library of Limassol my “П “my 3.14 was born. I became the owner of my own restaurant. My cuisine taught me to fantasize and appreciate the products. They say “If you do what you love, you’ll never have to work” that’s probably about me. I don’t work, I enjoy and create. My motto is the taste of a well done job. For me “feeding people” means getting emotions.

I like when people close their eyes, enjoy and smile when they try a dish.

Victoria Pastella

Виктория Ланская-Пастелла упросила родителей дать ей скрипку в 4 года, и с тех пор ее жизнь связана с музыкой. Она получила высшее классическое и джазовое образование в Волгограде и Москве. В декабре 2010 года выиграла премию губернатора Волгоградской области, как молодой талант области, но не получила ее, поскольку уехала учиться и работать в Москву.

Можно перечислять еще долго, но и этого более чем достаточно. После переезда на Кипр Виктория занялась преподаванием (с 2018 года), и сейчас ее ученики успешно сдают экзамены по программам Royal School of Мusic и Trinity College London. Студенты School of music Kyriakides приняли участие в “Российско-Кипрском фестивале” в 2019 году и получили теплый прием от аудитории. Этот неожиданный поворот в своей творческой деятельности Виктория приняла как вызов, и старается наилучшим образом передать своим ученикам фундаментальные традиции русской музыкальной школы. Сейчас у нее более 40 учеников и лист ожидания. При этом она продолжает принимать участие в мероприятиях, но только по приглашению, поскольку организовывать свои концерты не успевает. В 2019 году было 30 лет, как она играет на скрипке. Возможно, юбилейный концерт удастся организовать в 2020 году, если появится время.

Svetlana Zaytseva

Зайцева Светлана Сергеевна. 15.05.1979 Г-р. Родилась в прекрасном городе Ленинград. Закончила Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет промышленных технологий и дизайна … Вышла замуж за Киприота переехала жить на Кипр.  На Кипре проживаю почти 18 лет, в Городе Лимасол. С 2007 году открыла свой салон красоты Unisex Hairdressing.[BR]Недавно получила так-же гражданство Кипра.  В данный момент у меня 2 Гражданство. России и Кипра. У меня 3 прекрасных сына 21 год  , 17 лет, 6 лет. Мое хобби Спорт, Рыбалка, боулинг, путешествия. Позитивная – люблю юмор сарказм (В разводе)